Summer Program

The summer program is developed for exploring multiple angles of piano sound through piano lessons, piano tuning lessons, piano building seminar and concerts. This is based on our philosophy that the sound of the piano is a collaborative art created by pianists, concert technicians, instruments and the sound of the space itself.

Course Info


8.-15. August 2019


Klangmanufaktur Hamburg - Google map

Piano Lesson

6 piano lessons with Prof. Pavel Gililov, Prof. Réna Shereshevskaya, Rémi Geniet & Jongdo An - more about the faculties

Piano Tuning Lesson

The participants get 2 piano tuning lessons by Jan Kittel. Discussed about the acoustic as well as the mechanical correlation of the grand piano and how they communicate for their idea of sound exchanging with a concert technician.

Piano Manufacturer Seminar

The participants receive 2 piano manufacturing seminars at the Klangmanufakur Hamburg. The seminar enables them to understand the whole manufacturing process of the piano. They also learn how a grand piano works mechanically and acoustically and how a grand piano can sound optimal.


At least 2 hours a day on first-class Steinway grand pianos of Klangmanufaktur Hamburg

Academy Concert

Klangakademie organizes concerts for the participants at unusual concert venues in Hamburg. The performance in public is an essential part for the development of the concert experience. And the discovery of unusual concert venues contributes to its cultural diversity.

Course Fee

850 Euro

(The price includes piano lessons, piano tuning lessons, piano manufacturing seminar, practice and academy concerts)


2 minutes walk: Bo-Hotel, Ausschlägerweg 68, 20537 Hamburg, Tel. +49 40-2263 3128 00
10 minutes walk: Mac City Hostel, Beim Strohhause 26, 20097 Hamburg, Tel: + 49-40-3562 9146


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